“Innovation Ahead”: SIRIMLink Issue #4, 2010.

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SIRIM has always been a big fan of innovation, and in this issue, SIRIMLink revisits some of the company’s most successful and ambitious endeavours to date. Its contents include: In

S&Q News, Vol. 19, 2010: “Convergence”

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In their excitement to develop new technologies, scientists sometimes overlook how their inventions will work with each other. Usually, that job falls into the laps of harmonisation and standardisation organisations

“Fair Measure”: SIRIMLink Issue #3, 2010

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Those who grew up in the 1960s would be no stranger to the older units of measurement used back then: pounds and yards, gantang and ela. Then in 1975, Malaysia

SIRIM Standards & Quality News: “Service Excellence”

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Quality has long been associated with manufacturing industries. However, a new wave of consumers are demanding quality from other vital industries and areas too. The improvement efforts within these service