“Innovation Ahead”: SIRIMLink Issue #4, 2010.

Posted by on December 15, 2010

SIRIMLink Issue #4, 2010 "Innovation Ahead"

SIRIM has always been a big fan of innovation, and in this issue, SIRIMLink revisits some of the company’s most successful and ambitious endeavours to date. Its contents include:

  • In Pursuit of Energy: SIRIM is developing new batteries to be used in electric vehicles and stationary applications.
  • Micro Hydro Heroes: For the small community of Kg. Sri Stamang 2, electricity is at last as easy as switch on, switch off.
  • Microbial Heritage: Dr Neelam Shahab and her team are building Malaysia’s first microbe data bank.
  • Sea of Hope: Seaweed farmers in Semporna have new tools to help them earn their livelihood.
  • Vinaigre de Malaysie: The Malaysian vinegar industry is about to take the leap from local to international.

We also take a look at the winners of this years IDEAS Inventors’ Challenge.

Click here to download a PDF copy of SIRIMLink Issue #4, 2010 “Innovation Ahead”.

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