S&Q News, Issue #1, 2011: “Seriously Green”

Posted by on July 25, 2011

S&Q News, Issue #1, 2011: “Seriously Green”

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Since the dawn of recorded history, humans have strove to build a better world for themselves and leave a legacy for the next generation. Green technology is merely the culmination of this effort.

Green technology reduces the negative impact of human activities on the environment, so that this generation can enjoy a high quality of life without depriving future generations of the same. The application of green technologies and initiatives can be seen in various sectors such as energy, construction, transportation and water and waste water management.

The global development of Green Technology is far from standardised. On one hand, institutions around the world can agree on the importance of products, equipment and systems that conserve the natural environment and resources. On the other hand, there are many criteria for what “green” means, and they often contradict one another. There is a strong need for standards and quality institutions such as SIRIM to take a hand in the development of green standards.

Previous issues of S&Q News have focused on green innovations in sectors such as energy, automotive and environmental technology. However, this issue takes in a broader sweep of technologies that will leave a green legacy for future generations. Topics include:

  • Shift to Green: It’s time for a set of Green standards for the Malaysian ICT sector.
  • Guardians of the Forest: SIRIM QAS International helps ensure Sustainable Forest Management.
  • Progressive Plantations: The oil palm industry improves its environmental reputation.
  • A Greener Footprint: Countries use the Clean Development Mechanism to fight global warming.
  • Standards for Glass Fibre Panels and Water Tanks: An updated Malaysian Standard on water tanks.
  • Scuba Haven: Standards for the scuba diving industry will support marine tourism.
  • Clearing the Air: What you can’t see can still hurt you. Indoor air standards are the answer.

Click here to download a PDF copy of SIRIM’s Standards and Quality News, Vol. 20, 2011: “Seriously Green”.

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