Green Way Forward: SIRIM’s “Eco-4-Eco” programme.

Posted by on June 2, 2011

SIRIMLink Issue #1, 2011, "Green Way Forward".

Thanks to the concerted efforts of policy makers, scientists and eco-conscious consumers the world over, green technology has become one of the most pivotal areas of research and development today.

Once only a secondary research activity among green activists and public entities, green technology has since become a lucrative sub-sector of the economy which generates employment opportunities
and investments. This is one of the reasons why the government has established a regulatory framework for the country’s green agenda in line with national development goals.

SIRIM has always supported the country’s green agenda, of course. With the government’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) in place, SIRIM is poised to become a catalyst for green change.

SIRIM’s “Eco-4-Eco” programme will create wealth all along the economic value chain while reducing the carbon footprints of its participants. Businesses can now not only do their part for the environment, but earn lucrative profits in the process. SIRIM’s innovative green technologies can transform the way businesses operate within key industries and help translate the country’s national green policies into meaningful results.

This issue of SIRIMLink is dedicated to the most successful green technologies at SIRIM to date in the context of SIRIM’s Eco-4-Eco programme. The topics include:

  • SIRIM’S GREEN WAY FORWARD: Dato’ Ir. Hj. Yahaya Ahmad on how SIRIM’s green initiatives will support the government’s Economic Transformation Programme.
  • GROWING A GREEN ECONOMY: How Malaysian businesses can benefit from SIRIM’s “Eco-4-Eco” programme.
  • FRESH FARMED FISH: An eco-friendly technological marvel that satisfies Malaysians’ insatiable appetite for fish.
  • CERTIFIABLY GREEN: SIRIM QAS International’s green certification schemes and how they can help businesses become more eco-friendly.
  • THE WOOD WIZARDS: High-end ‘green’ furniture made from paddy husks that helps the environment.

Click here to download a PDF copy of SIRIMLink Issue #1, 2011 “Green Way Forward”.

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