Freelance copywriters vs. Professionals

Not all copywriters are equal.

If you are considering outsourcing your communication project, here are some things to consider:

Is your copywriter committed?

Staff copywriters often let a stressful project down by leaving the organisation in mid-project, taking with them their knowledge, experience and expertise. They may also go on annual/medical leave, get demotivated and become distracted with office politics.

Freelance copywriters are often distracted with their full-time commitments and frequently fail to give freelance projects the attention they deserve. The result is shoddy work and a disappointing end result.

Marcus Gomez & Partners is a boutique agency that has been in business for nearly 10 years. We value every one of our customers as the bread and butter of our enterprise. Our customer testimonials speak for us.

As co-owners of the business, our writers take their work very seriously. We take a lot of pride in our work, sharing the joys of your success as though we were a part of your team.

For Marcus Gomez & Partners, writing isn’t just a job. It’s a business.

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Does the copywriter have the right tools and training?

Documentation and design software can be expensive. And, like all employees, staff copywriters and designers need to be trained and retrained. These investments are rarely worth the trouble for one-off documentation projects.

Freelance copywriters rarely undergo training at all and are generally reluctant to invest or learn new technologies and tools.

Marcus Gomez & Partners studies the best practices of multinational corporations across multiple industries to ensure that we stay up-to-date with the latest communication practices. We invest in high quality software and actively explore the possibilities offered by new technologies and tools to ensure that we are able to offer our clients the most suitable solutions for their needs whatever the medium: print, digital or hybrid.

How important is quality?

Writing on the same subject matter many years often makes in-house copywriters less empathetic to their audience’s needs. They lose sight of their readers and are unable to bring fresh perspectives to their communications.

Marcus Gomez & Partners always see our clients’ products through fresh eyes. We simulate your customers’ experience by viewing your company as only an outsider can, thus offering you a valuable perspective of your products and services.

We also continually improve our work processes so that we are able to offer innovative approaches to business and technical communication.

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How much capacity do you need?

In-house copywriters are often under-utilised during off-peak periods (say, the early stages of product development).  And, when workloads peak, they are often overworked and starved of inspiration. Freelance copywriters are sometimes forced to put their freelance projects on hold in order to take care of their full-time commitments. This can cause unnecessary and costly project delays.

Marcus Gomez & Partners saves your organisation money during off-peak periods because our services are not utilised. During peak periods, our specialist teams easily absorb the extra workload. We have the capacity, skills and motivation to be an asset for any communication project.

We can help with your communication project, even if you are on a tight budget. Marcus Gomez & Partners offers both professional solutions for large enterprises as well as packages designed for small-and-medium businesses.

Contact us and let’s talk.