Training and instruction

Instructive. Clear. Versatile.

Teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry. The best training materials usually have the same effect.

Clear, concise instructions delivered in user-friendly formats allow readers to learn independently. They let customers experience a product’s benefits more completely, reducing support costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Thoughtfully designed training material for sales partners also fosters goodwill and improves sales. Company training material presented in the same fashion can have the same positive results: more independent employees, better morale, higher productivity.

Marcus Gomez & Partners can design training content in any format you need, for customers, employees or partners.

Need to teach?

We can do that.

Training materials
Professionally designed, printed and bound training kits for in-house and public training programmes.
User manuals
User guides and operating manuals for software and hardware as well as industrial machinery.
Installation and maintenance guides
Manuals for installing software and industrials systems.
Sales kits
Sales handbooks for employees in the field.
Customer support scripts
Telesales customer support scripts to address customer enquiries.
Work samples

These are some examples of our work in training communications.

User manuals and help systems

Employee Handbook

Training materials

  • Employee handbooks
  • Job training presentation decks
  • Company procedure presentations
  • Customer telesupport scripts
  • eLearning videos (software)
  • Employee team roles matrices
Telesales scripts

Company sales kits

  • Sales presentation decks
  • Cold call guides
  • Competitive differentiator summaries
  • Sales incentive programmes
  • Telesales scripts
  • Pricing catalogues
Welcome, Partner!

Partner sales kits

  • Partner “Welcome kits”, such as the global HP Channel Partner Onboarding Playbook Marcus Gomez & Partners completed for Hewlett-Packard.
  • Product demonstration tools
  • Competitive differentiator summaries
  • Partner incentive programmes
  • Pricing and mark-up catalogues
  • eLearning videos (software)